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Folding Electric Bicycle, Electric Bicycle Suitable For Adults And Teenagers

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Folding Electric Bicycle, Electric Bicycle Suitable For Adults And Teenagers
[Foldable design]: The high-carbon steel frame electric bicycle can be folded for easy carrying or storage in a car, truck or garage. Without tools, it can be folded in a few seconds.
[Smart Riding Mode]-There are three riding mode options for electric bicycles. You can choose pure electric or electric assisted relaxation mode, or choose pedal riding mode, and choose different modes according to road conditions to meet your travel needs.
[Dual Disc Brake]: The front and rear dual disc brake system can sensitively balance the brakes when the emergency brake is applied, so as to quickly dissipate heat and ensure driving safety. Disc brakes will not wear tires and have a longer service life.
[High-speed motor]: 350 watts high-performance motor, which can provide rapid lifting when needed, or only to cope with steep ascents. Pure electric can travel 30 kilometers, electric assisted driving can travel 60 kilometers.
[Ten-weight shock absorption]: Adopting 10-weight shock-absorbing system, which brings responsive and stable riding, quickly adapts to various bumpy road sections, and makes riding more comfortable
Body length: 49.6in
Handlebar height: 92-105cm/36.22-41.33in
Folded size: 68x45x70cm/26.77x17.71x27.55in
Weight: 31kg/68.3lb
Weight bearing: 550lb
1x electric bike
1x manual
1 battery
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