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Folding Optical Flow Quadrupole

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1. Gesture photos, gesture videos.
2. Optical flow positioning, tracking, dual HD camera switching.
3. 4 channels with LED lights.
4. 6-axis gyroscope with gyro calibration function.
5. Up, down, front, back, left, right, hover/slow.
6. Headless mode / 360 degree scrolling, one button return control / WIFI phone.
7. Precision height maintenance, photography, video.
8. Gesture video (rectangular palm/pendulum) and manual control (up and down plane).
9. Intelligently recognize portrait followers (front and back), flight paths.
10. MV features: filters, video effects, background music, image/video sharing.
Fixed hover height.
3D tumbling.
Directional fine-tuning
Headless mode.
Speed adjustment.
A touch took off.
Landing on the key.
Dual switch camera.
Apply the command.
Save the photo.
MV: filters, video effects, background music, image/video sharing.

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